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Consulting, training, and professional development
in Assessment & Distance Learning

Why We Do This

.Distance Learning:


As faculty members and program developers, we appreciate the value of distance learning (DL) for both learners and institutions. Our appreciation grew over time; we began with the same sense of overwhelm that most faculty feel when a dean issues the charge to create an online degree program. When we began to offer consulting services to other faculty, we recognized their questions and concerns as the same ones we had asked when we started.

At various points of our development efforts, we have known the challenges of having zero budget and low budget, no release time and unpaid overload, no design help and limited techonology resources. We know the learning curve. And we enjoy helping DL faculty and staff scale their own learning curves.


After experiencing SACS visits and re-visits, we began a study of assessment and evaluation for our own programs, both on-campus (graduate and undergraduate) and online (graduate). The result was a strong set of tools for our own program reviews and then invitations to share our work with other academic units. Through this process, we discovered a new interest: embedded assessment.

Embedded assessment (EA) utilizes traditional measures as well as new technology tools to demonstrate effectiveness of educational programs. Versatile EA tools allow us to address the increased scrutiny into DL programs by accreditation bodies, as well as the increased accountability demanded of all higher education activities.

For more information, contact:

Mary Bold

Lillian Chenoweth

Other sites: Highed Ed Assessment Blog, College Intern Blog, www.marybold.com

Click for more on:..Who We Are.. |...Why We Do This.. |...Who Benefits.. |...Samples.. |...Upcoming Events